Shape, color, texture...
Welcome to what makes me tick.

Narrowing down the reasons I love design to one specific thing is difficult. But if I had to hone in on one, it would be the challenge of creating fresh concepts while following the foundational principles of graphic design.

Behind every design or logo, there are hours of research, trial and error designs, and internal debates on how to convey the client’s needs. Going that extra mile is something I’m always prepared to do.  Inspiration happens whether I’m on my motorcycle, jogging, or at my design desk -- I’m continually brainstorming!

When you step into my studio, the stress and worry of creating a design or logo will melt away. Sunshine filtering through the windows, a comfortable futon, snacks… everything here says “welcome” upon your arrival.  I’m ready to create your unique design. My studio is where ideas evolve, and I work with clients to meld my seven years of design experience with their vision.

Real-world research is something I hold as invaluable when it comes to design. If you live in the York area, you’ll almost always find me with my sketchpad in hand. You may even spot a few of my designs in Downtown York!

Design is much more than the finished product. It’s about trial and error, discovery, and forging a new path in the industry.  It is about genuinely connecting with the client to create a design true to who they are.

I’m excited to start the journey with you.



In Downtown York? You might have seen some of my recent work:

-    York Flea Posters
-    By K Events Branding
-    Flowing and Rooted Soap Labels
-    Corner Cabinet in Central Market (logo design)
-    Church of the Open Door (logo and branding)
-    The Parliament Arts Organization (revised logo)
-    Behind the Bash Wedding Show (logo and branding)


My design studio is located on the second floor of The Parliament Arts Organization, York, PA

Cell: (607) 661.0967


Ways We Can Connect:

-    Studio Visit
-    Meet-Up in the Area
-    Skype or Video Chat
-     Phone Convo