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Balance. I think it is a silly idea. So many people are striving for the idea of this perfectly balanced life.

Instead of balance, I'm seeking harmony. A mix of highs and lows that make a beautiful sound.

My life is my work and my work is my life.

I see design everywhere, it is a part of who I am, right down to how I plan cooking, picking which book I'm going to buy next, to how I want to refinish my motorcycle build - it's all about design and function.

Here is a look at my life...

Quick! Friends are coming over...


There is nothing better than an unexpected visit from friends or family, but in those moments the Italian in me screams "feed everyone!" This simple sugar cookie recipe is the perfect quick snack for friend and family to enjoy and there aren't any hidden ingredients, these base ingredients are usually always in my fridge or cupboard! Enjoy!

(This is not an ad for All Recipes, it is simply one of my favorite recipe sites and these cookies are amazing!)