York, PA Mural

 Final Mural

Final Mural

In June of 2017, Sprocket Mural Works contacted me and asked me to be a part of an upcoming mural project in York. It was a mural pop-up festival that would take place over the 4th of July weekend. The invited me to be one of the mural artists and my only two parameters were 1. The mural had to say "York" and 2. it had to be in my hand lettering. I was honored to be asked!

I accepted the gig with much excitement and from there I did a few different sketches to scale of the 12 ft x 41ft wall. After a few rounds of sketches and minor tweaks, it was settled what I would be painting. To top it all off, it had to be completed over the long 4th of July holiday.

We got started on Friday evening, because on Saturday morning I wanted to be set and ready to put paint on the wall! That evening once I got the word "York" drawn, my parents and I put our heads together to figure out the precise math on the chevrons. For anyone who thinks artist don't do math or hate math, you are mistaken! It is usually a HUGE part of what we do, especially artists who frequently use geometric shapes and/or patterns! Thankfully we did our math right and we only had a couple slight mess ups but were able to adjust the chalk lines on Saturday.


Up and at 'em on Saturday morning. My parents got started on the chevrons and I was super protective of painting the word "York". After all it was my baby, and my lettering. (Sorry Mom and Dad!) We even had to paint the white chevrons white because a special long lasting acrylic paint had to be used.


It ended up raining Saturday afternoon, but it was a blessing in disguise because I had missed putting sun screen on my shoulder blades (where I couldn't reach) and my legs. I had no idea, but I was so crispy. After it rained Saturday afternoon, we returned that evening and corrected the chevron chalk lines. By the end of Saturday we were all exhausted and burnt!

 Cleaned everything up before it down poured!

Cleaned everything up before it down poured!

 End of the Day Saturday

End of the Day Saturday


Sunday morning, my mom and I put our heads together and made a fortress against the sun and we painted the bottom half of the wall. Once the sun crested over the building in early afternoon, it was no longer beating down on us and we weren't in danger of getting SO burnt!


Monday morning all I had left was a little bit of touch-ups and some black outlining. Between my parents and I, we were so exhausted so I pulled in reinforcements. 


Every time I pass by the mural it is a fun reminder of that hot, sticky weekend and I still feel honored to have been asked to have a lasting piece in the city of York. If you are looking to visit this mural it is in the parking lot of Collusion Tapworks on the corner of E. King St. and Howard St in downtown York, PA.

Special thanks to Royal Square District and Sprocket Mural Works for having me be a part of the project, Rachael Scott and Gregory Timmons for helping me finish on time Monday morning and to my parents Bill and Patti Foster, without them, I would be lost, no where near the person I am today and still out there painting that enormous wall.