Chelsea's Specialties


Graphic Design

From business branding to marketing materials and wedding invitations, Chelsea has a wide range of graph design skills to help you visually communicate any project.


Hand Lettering

Chelsea's experience in hand lettering over the past four years has allowed her to work on projects focusing on hand lettering and custom type for murals, wedding signage, and more.



Focusing on natural light and shadows to add visual intrigue and accent her compositions, Chelsea will keep her subject in motion to capture their native expressions and movements. 


The two most important things about the aesthetics of your brand and marketing materials are consistency and clarity.

Let’s connect and see how we can refine your branding and design materials. Send me a message!


I’ve been teaching hand lettering workshops up and down the East Coast for the last two years. From Rochester to Miami the interest in my various workshop curriculum continues to grow. 

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Your wedding day is to be celebrated to the fullest! Let me help your wedding day have it's own customized aesthetic. I will develop anything from Save the Dates and invitation suites, to signage and all those extra details.


Work and play, home life and work life are all one when you are a small business entrepreneur. Check out some of my some of my personal favorite’s at home, in the studio, and in the garage. I’ll be posting my most recent art piece purchases, tell you what book I’m reading, or share a new dinner recipe I’m loving.